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Strategic Partners Testimonials

I have been a partner with ISP Painting for over 5 years now.  As a business owner, I can’t stay with someone that long if it doesn’t make good business sense to do so.

They have taken a lot of the stressful aspects out of the job before I even see it, all the way from finding the customer, bidding the job, deciding on products, all the way to the billing stage.  It allows me to do what I think I do best and that’s concentrating on a quality job. Should a problem arise, ISP has a project manager that will help hold the clients hand through the problem.  That buffer has been crucial to me on several occasions when the person I was dealing with became difficult.

I enjoy working with all of the staff at ISP and look forward to more prosperous years to come, but I also enjoy the social interaction that we have.  The conferences we have each year are enjoyable as well as informative.  The yearly conference "forces" me to take a vacation to an exotic location every year, whether I want to or not (Thank you Katie!)

I would advise anyone thinking of becoming a partner to reach out and ask any of the numerous current partners about their experience.   I think you will find that my experience is a pretty common one.

KARL B. Missouri
Strategic Partner since 2013

As a presenter at the conference, I’m impressed by the quality of contractor partners that attend this event. Each is eager to learn, engage and implement the information you provide about how those companies can improve their respective businesses.

RICHARD G. Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA)

I experienced much more than just a conference, it at times felt more like a family reunion. It is that type of atmosphere that I believe makes ISP Painting such a special company…I feel very fortunate to be able to be a part of this annual conference as well as a part of the ISP Family!

CHRISTOPHER M. Sherwin-Williams

I have been attending the ISP Annual Conference for nine years now and have always had a great experience. It’s a time where we all come together and collaborate to better improve our business and trade. The information and knowledge it provides is very valuable to me as a small business owner. The hands on training and product updates always keep me on the cutting edge technology and provide fuel necessary to keep a competitive edge in this business and stay on track to meet our yearly goals as a business owner. I always walk away feeling a great value for the time and investment that I put into attending every year which keeps me coming back!

JAMES M. North Carolina
Strategic Partner since 2010

I have been an ISP partner for almost 8 years.. Before I finally committed to taking on some ISP projects, I kept thinking, this sounds too good to be true. But after the great debate, I moved forward, took on my first rollout of work and grew to love ISP very quickly! Shortly after was there “annual conference” . I was urged strongly to go and see what is was all about and learn about the company. It took a matter of minutes upon arrival to see what a wonderful group of people work at the Naperville headquarters as well as a clean cut bunch of painters who were my new “partners”. I was amazed that one company could find such a respectable, clean cut group of painting contractors. As the conference moved forward it was very educational to learn about ISP itself as well as being able to network in the evenings with new contacts while enjoying great dinners. I knew then that my future as a business owner just got a lot brighter.

BEN K. Florida
Strategic Partner since 2008

I just wanted to take a moment and express how much I value and look forward to the annual partner conference. I have always taken pride in excelling through education in the industry and your conference is one of the means I use. I always feel rejuvenated and motivated after the diversity of educational and motivational programs you put together. I really appreciate the work and energy that goes into making this a successful event. I equally enjoy the comradery and sharing amongst the partners, it is an invaluable tool. It has aided our company to become more productive and gives us insight to potential challenges that we will face and would otherwise have to overcome on our own. Finally the family atmosphere that is created amongst the group helps us to realize the ultimate goal and pushes us to be better for the good of everyone’s success. As we bring our additional crew leads into the mix, I know they will relish in the event and grow in there journey as professional painters… Thank you again for the hard work and dedication to our growth; our Team at Vertex Coatings looks forward to another wonderful conference.

RUSS P. California
Strategic Partner since 2007

Overall I am impressed with the professionalism, the openness, and the organization of these highly charged couple of days. ISP has been able to strike the balance between an intimate, family feel, and a professionally presented educational and information exchange. As a newer Supplier Partner, I am impressed and very pleased with the engagement of your Painter Partners and the attentiveness and competence of your staff. Your Partners invest their time to learn, share ideas, and network; all with the goal of improving their business. Without exception, we are impressed with the caliber of your Partners. The professionalism of your conference is evident in the results. I am certain that all of your Partners believe this is truly time well spent… We spend a lot of time interacting with painting contractors and believe me when I say that ISP Partners are a step above I believe there are many reasons for that. Beyond the successful business model and your talented staff, one of the big reasons is your Annual Partner Conference. We attend many events throughout the year, and I can say with certainty that ISP’s Annual Partner Conference is at the top of the list with the results that it generates, in an atmosphere of fun!

MIKE O. Wooster Brush Co.

You and your team are such wonderful people – a true blessing to be in your lives and a part of such a great organization.

RUSS P. California
Strategic Partner since 2007